Northern Heights Addition

Prime Residential Building Sites

Northern Heights Addition-Construction Requirements

The City of Virginia currently has lots listed for sale in the Northern Heights Addition.  Please note that these remaining sites may require soil correction.  We have GeoTech reports available in the Engineer Office of City Hall to review that will give you detailed information regarding possible soil corrections.   Please call our Engineering Department for more information.

These sites are being sold on the basis that construction of a new home will take place in the immediate future.  When purchasing your lot in the Fairview Addition you will be required to sign off on the following timeline for building Construction:

  • 12 months to submit building permit
  • 20 months to begin construction
  • 36 months to completed project

The timeline for building construction begins upon adoption of a resolution by the City Council approving the sale of the property. 

The City of Virginia will transfer the property into the buyers name once a building permit has been issued.

Payment Terms

These remaining lots are available for a purchase price of $1! Please refer to the Map of Available Sites that is listed on the top and bottom of this web page.   The lots which are boldly outlined are available to purchase. The City of Virginia will require $1,000.00 down payment on each of these lots.  This down payment will be refunded to you only if you meet the building time line requirements.


Please Contact Kris Johnson at  (218)748-7500 for more information regarding our Northern Height Addition.