Virginia, MNfire department


Level of Training

The members of the Virginia Fire Department maintained a superior level of fire training this year by utilizing houses slated for demolition, bringing in expert instructors and utilizing neighboring department training props such as the roof prop trailer from the Cloquet Fire District. Every Firefighter/Paramedic is trained to the National Fire Protection Association
1001 level and is a Minnesota State certified Firefighter II. We also have members certified to:
  • Fire Officer II
  • Instructor I
  • Basic Fire Investigator
  • Advanced Fire Investigator 
  • Fire Apparatus Pump Operator   

Fire department members spent close to 2,000 hours of documented fire and rescue training. They achieved a tremendous amount of training in spite of the high call volume to staffing ratio. Our members trained on a variety of topics including:

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course - emergency driving and safety
  • Engineer training - water supply, pumping, fire engine and aerial operations
  • Fire Ground Survival - firefighter rescue and self-rescue
  • Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Training- Hazmat Operations and Hazmat Technician level training
  • Officer Development in Strategy & Tactics, Leadership and Officer Candidate Training
  • Building Construction
  • Fire Chemistry and Behavior
  • Fire Attack and Suppression
  • Portable Ladder Training
  • Search and Rescue
  • SCBA Training/Confidence Course
  • Engine & Truck Company Operations
  • Fire Investigation
  • Building Inspection
  • Fire Alarms and Communication
  • Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Strategy & Tactics
  • Technical Rescue including Rope, Confined Space, Water & Ice Rescue