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Building & Demo Permit Packets14 documents

  • Building Permit Application
    document seq 1.00
  • Items needed to obtain a building permit for new structure that is commercial, industrial or residential over 3 units
    document seq 1.50
  • Commercial Building: 1988 UBC Schedule
    document seq 2.00
  • Deck Building Permit Packet
    document seq 3.00
  • Deck: Information Brochure
    document seq 4.00
  • Demolition Permit Packet
    document seq 5.00
  • Escapes/Egress Windows: Information Brochure
    document seq 6.00
  • Fence Permit Packet
    document seq 7.00
  • Garage: Information Brochure
    document seq 8.00
  • Moisture: Information Brochure
    document seq 8.50
  • Porch Building Permit Packet
    document seq 9.00
  • Porch: Information Brochure
    document seq 10.00
  • Roofing: Information Brochure
    document seq 11.00
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Information Brochure
    document seq 12.00

Call Before You Dig!1 document

  • Gopher State One Call
    document seq 0.00

Mechanical Permits1 document

  • 2018 Mechanical Permit Packet
    document seq 0.00

Sign Permit1 document

  • Sign Permit Packet
    document seq 0.00

Utility Permit Forms2 documents

  • Utility Application
    document seq 0.00
  • Utility Verification Form
    document seq 0.00

Variance Forms2 documents

  • Variance Application
    document seq 0.00
  • Variance Certification Form
    document seq 0.00

Zoning2 documents

  • Request to Change Zoning
    document seq 0.00
  • zoning 2 map.pdf
    document seq 0.00