Attention: Dog Owners

According to the Virginia City Code, Chapter 10.11, Subd. 12, pet owners must carry an adequate number of dog bags on his/her person at all times and are required to pick up animal waste in or on all Virginia properties, including those areas 200 feet outside of residential areas deemed as off-leash exercise areas.

As of August 1, 2009, the Police Department will begin to ticket pet owners who fail to comply with the City ordinance.

Fines will be as follows: $25.00- First Violation; $50.00- Second Violation; $75.00- Third Violation. Any violation beyond the third shall be charged as a misdemeanor and subject to the sanctions of the District Court.

Contact the Virginia City Hall at 748-7500 for questions.

Dog Bag Ordinance
City Code, Chapter 10, Subd. 12