Miners Event and Convention Center (MECC)

Miners Event & Convention Center
Weekly Construction Update from Park Director Brian Silber
Progress report 6/26/2020

 Happy Friday everyone! We have had an excellent week at the MECC Site. Soil corrections continued to go well this week. Soil corrections are about 85% complete, currently they are working in the area of the Event and Convention Center. The good news continues to be that there were no big surprises and the dig continues to be in line with the soil borings. Compaction of the new material continues to go well with the lowest compaction rate at 96% (target is 95%). Even better news is that they anticipate completing the soil corrections mid-week next week, so we should see a drastic decrease of truck traffic and dust on 9th Ave. Our GeoPiers will begin the week of July 6th and foundations will follow shortly after that.

Miners Event & Convention Center   6/19/2020

Weekly Construction Update #2  from Kraus Anderson Superintendent Gary Francisco
Progress report #2     

Happy Friday everyone! We have made progress with our soil corrections.

I estimate about 55% complete. And again, no surprises. Testing and observation continues and have passed with flying colors!  The weather this week has been a bit warm but everyone is working through it. Site signage has been installed on the fence. I will not be sending an update next week. I will resume the updates July 3rd Have a great weekend!


Weekly Construction Update #1