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Electric, natural gas, steam, and water services are administered by the Virginia Public Utilities Commission. 

The Department of Public Utilities can be reached at (218) 748-7540 or at

The electrical distribution system serves approximately 5,800 customers in the City of Virginia and certain area of Mt. Iron.  The system consists of 80 miles of overhead distribution cable and 17 miles of underground cable. The electrical distribution plant consists of a combination of 2400 Volt distribution and 13.8 KV distribution systems.

In addition to the Virginia Department of Public Utilities, Lakes Country Power and Minnesota Power offer electric power to the areas surrounding Virginia.

Virginia takes advantage of an abundance of natural spring water which accumulates in a reservoir east of town.  The city's water treatment plant has a design capacity of approximately 5 mgd., with an average daily demand of two million gallons.  The distribution system is comprised of 67 miles of city-owned main lines; 100 miles of customer-owned lines; 1,175 valves; and 400 fire hydrants.

Virginia has been supplying natural gas to its customers since 1965.  Currently the system provides natural gas to approximately 1000 residential and commercial customers.


Virginia's steam heating system serves approximately 2,600 customers with approximately 22 miles of steam main lines and 18 miles of steam service lines.

Virginia is served by sanitary sewer mains and interceptors ranging in size from 8 inches to 24 inches with ten lift stations.  The City has primary, secondary, and tertiary waste treatment systems using an activated sludge process.  The plant has a design capacity of 2.7 million gallons per day (mgd) with peak flow of approximately six mgd.  All plant's effluent meets and exceeds Minnesota Pollution Control Standards.  All sludge is disposed of at a land application facility on the outskirts of Virginia.  The City also has a separate storm and a separate sanitary sewer.

Virginia uses dumpsters and a volume-based system of special plastic bags "blue bag" for trash pick-up.  A free curbside recycle system is also used.

Century Link serves Virginia with basic local phone service.  The area is also served by the major cellular carriers such as:   AT & T and Verizon.