VEDA Business  Grants

2019 Business Grant program            
2019 Business Grant Application & Guidelines
Exterior or interior renovations, or repairs, of the building that would make the business more attractive.
  This program awards up to $5,000 of grant funds for approved renovations and can be used with the AEOA BER Grant.

 Feel free to contact Kris Johnson for more information  at 749-3563; or at

Downtown Redevelopment District
Commercial Rehabilitation Program

This is a forgivable loan program for the redevelopment of commercial property listed in the designated redevelopment district for up to $49,000.00

Policy and Procedure Handbook/Application

Please contact Nancy Grabko-Grant Administrator for any questions concerning this program.  Nancy will be available upon appointment to assist with the application process.
Email:  Phone:  218-398-7626


AEOA Business Energy Retrofit Program (BER)

VEDA encourages businesses to research the AEOA Business Energy Retrofit Program (BER) please follow these links:

Example of program uses:
(BER) is designed to aid in financing energy retrofit projects

AEOA Business Retrofit Program Information