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Iron Range Brownfield Project Data

Program ID               
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Site Name                     Site City                  
55713-0002 Corner of State and Culver Buhl 
55713-0003 Mesaba Home  Buhl
55709-0002 Gun Club Site  Bovey 
55709-0003 Bum Jungle Site  Bovey 
55709-0004 Former Rail Corridor  Bovey 
55709-0005 Railroad Tie Site  Bovey 
55719-0001 Chisholm WWTP  Chisholm 
55719-0002 Tioga 40  Chisholm 
55719-0003 McCahill Property  Chisholm 
55734-0001 Alice Location  Eveleth 
55734-0002 Eveleth Snow Dump Eveleth
55734-0003 Fayal Addition  Eveleth  
55741-0001 East Shore of Ore-Be-Gone  Gilbert 
55744-0001 Land Mine  Grand Rapids 
55746-0001 Former Hibbing GMP  Hibbing 
55746-0002 Hibbing BMX Bike Park  Hibbing 
55746-0003 Former Dupont Plant  Hibbing 
55753-0001 West Pellet Avenue Industrial Park  Keewatin 
55769-0002 Bozich Farm Site  Nashwauk 
55769-0003 South Industrial Park Site  Nashwauk 
55769-0004 West Midland Station  Nashwauk 
55769-0005 North Overburden Site  Nashwauk 
55792-0001 SMDC East Range Clinic  Virginia 
55792-0002 Former County Garage  Virginia 
55792-0003 Trap Shooting Range  Virginia 
55792-0004 Former Skyder/Robinson Lot  Virginia 
55792-0005 AEOA Building  Virginia 
55792-0006 Former Greiner's Troy Building  Virginia 
55792-0008 Former Railyard  Virginia 
55792-0009 Staver Foundry  Virginia 
55792-0010 Virginia Highway 53 North Virginia