Wastewater Treatment Educational Resources

PHOSPHATES : The Chemical Culprits in Your Home and What You Can Do About It.

Phosphates are an inorganic chemical found in agricultural fertilizers,
manure and organic wastes found in sewage and industrial discharges.
Too many phosphates in lakes, rivers and streams cause algae to grow.
Algae-covered water is less attractive for fishing and swimming and
other forms of aquatic recreation.  To read more click the link above.

Water Softners and the impct on our Wastewater Treatment Plant
Minnesota has a growing problem that in its lakes and streams and that comes in the form of chloride. The chlorides come from the water softeners that are in our homes and businesses. When the softeners regenerate, they use a high salt brine that contains chloride. The waste from the regeneration is put down the drain and into the sewer collection system eventually to the wastewater plant. The current MPCA water quality standard for chloride is 230 mg/L. In 2018 City of Virginia had an average of 160 mg/L but is on an upward trend. And as we all know MPCA standards always get tighter. To read more click the link above.