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What is the Property Maintenance and Preservation Code?
On October 11, 2016 The City of Virginia Passed the Property Maintenance and Preservation Code. The Property Maintenance And Preservation Code Of The City Of Virginia, Minnesota is a code that regulates the minimum maintenance requirements for existing buildings. This is a maintenance document intended to establish minimum maintenance standards for basic equipment, light, ventilation, heating, sanitation and fire safety. Responsibility is fixed among owners, operators and occupants for code compliance. The Property Maintenance And Preservation Code Of The City Of Virginia, Minnesota provides for the regulation and safe use of existing structures in the interest of the social and economic welfare of the community.  

Enforcement of the VPMC begins January 1, 2017.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City of Virginia at (218) 748-7500

View the Property Maintenance and Preservation Code

Do I need a building permit?

If the work to be done is over $500 OR if you are building a fence OR a structure (i.e. shed, garage, addition) you need a building permit.  

Some projects require additional items and time so please PLAN AHEAD.   Please contact the Engineering Department if you have questions.

Where do I go to get a Permit?

Building permits are issued by the City Engineering Department.

A Building Permit Application Packet can be obtained by either calling or visiting our department and you can find the packets in the Forms/Permits Center on our website.

What is the cost of building permit?

Most RESIDENTIAL building permits cost between $15.00 and $20.00.  If a variance or conditional use permit is needed, there are additional costs. 

COMMERCIAL building permits are based on the 1988 UBC Schedule

ALL Commercial permits do require a Plan Inspection Fee and State Surcharge.

When is a survey required?

A survey is required when building:

fence ,garage, any new construction and any construction outside existing building foundation footprint

Can I build my fence on the property line?

Fences can be built on the property line if there is WRITTEN neighbor consent.  Consent forms are available from the Engineering Department.

Why is a building permit required?

City Code, Chapter 11, Section 11.50 Subd. 10 requires that a building permit be issued for most work done to your property.  This is to ensure that your project meets the guidelines of the City and State regulations, and to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise during the building process.