Check Diversion Program- Restitution Guide for Merchants and Residents

Dear Virginia Merchants and Residents:

As consumers and taxpayers, we all pay higher prices because of the losses associated with  people issuing worthless checks. Law enforcement spends significant resources investigating and prosecuting people who issue worthless check.  The number of worthless check cases increases every year.

In response to concern regarding worthless checks, the Virginia Police Department has implemented a worthless check diversion program.

The main goals of the program are:

* Restitution for victims
* Increase accountability of people who issue worthless checks
* Educate and assist Virginia merchants and residents in reducing the number of worthless check cases
* Reduce the costs to law enforcement associated with investigating and prosecuting worthless check cases

The program is at no cost to the taxpayer of area merchant.  It is solely supported by the people who issue the worthless checks.

If you have further questions after reviewing this packet, please contact the Check Diversion Program at 1-800-880-5420.

Virginia Police Department

Click HERE for the information and instruction packet