Pay a Parking Ticket

Due to a recent U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled chalking tires a violation of the 4th Amendment, the Virginia Police Department will begin using a new electronic handheld parking citation device on 11-01-2019.

The handheld machine generates the ticket immediately with a picture of the vehicle and prints it on a piece of polyvinyl paper that is placed on the vehicle in violation. The parking tickets will have a different look and be visibly smaller than the older ones.  

However, do not be surprised if you occasionally see a handwritten citation placed on your vehicle. The police officers will still have the option to write violations when necessary.

Effective October 1, the parking violations were modified as shown below:

FEES – $20.00                                                             FEES-$15.00
Expired Meter                                                             Parked on a Sidewalk
Parked Against Traffic                                              Obstructing Street/Driveway
Parked in Alley                                                            Double Parked                              
Overtime Parking                                                       Parked Fire Hydrant Zone                            
No Parking 3AM to 6AM                                           Parked in Prohibited Zone
Allowing Motor to Run Unattended                     Parked Too Close to Intersection 
Other                                                                             Calendar Parking

If any parking ticket fee or fine is not paid after twenty (20) days, an additional fee of $40.00 will be added to the initial fine or fee.

A friendly reminder that under Virginia City Ordinance 9.99 & 9.13; after a third or subsequent parking violation, unpaid parking citations, within a 12-month period, the police department can tow and impound a vehicle. The vehicle owner is then responsible for tow fees and a $20 per day storage fee.

If you receive a parking citation, please use one of the following options for payment:

  • Pay in person or by mail at: Virginia Police Department 327 1st Street South Virginia, MN 55792
  • Pay by phone  at 218-366-8617
  • Payonline at

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the Virginia Police Department at
(218) 748-7510.


Chief Nicole Mattson
Virginia Police Department