Eveleth-Virginia Airport Authority

The Eveleth-Virginia Airport is a publicly owned airport that serves the Quad Cities Area.
Jointly owned by the Cities of Eveleth and Virginia, operations are over sought by a six-member Authority, with each City appointing three members. The Authority also creates and implements long term planning to address the region’s air transportation needs. 
 CITY        NAME                                    POSITION   TERM ENDING     
Eveleth Robert Vlaisavljevich Chair  12/31/2021
Virginia Larry Cuffe Jr Vice-Chair  12/31/2021
Eveleth Brad Hadrava Treasurer   12/31/2021
Virginia Steve Johnson  Secretary  12/31/2021
Eveleth Tim Koivunen  Member  12/31/2021
Virginia   VACANT    12/31/2021
  Kris Marafioti Airport Coordinator  

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday @ 3:30 p.m. with the meeting location to be set at the City of Eveleth Council Chambers.

Eveleth/Virginia Airport
413 Pierce Street
Eveleth 55734