Rent Rooms at City Hall

City Hall-Committee Room

This room has a board room type table and comfortably seats 10 to 15 people
This is located on the second floor of City Hall:  
$10.00 Half Day or $20.00 Full Day

City Hall- Club Room

This room has banquet tables and chairs already set up allowing seating for approximately 70 people
The room has a small kitchen with a fridge, sink and stove-oven available for use.

$50.00 Rental Fee

The following can be made available upon request upon booking theses rentals: *TV-VCR cart, *Projector, *Projector Screen

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Room Type: Committee Room Club Room 
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Do you require any of the following?  TV Projector Projector Screen 

Please contact:   Pamela LaBine @ 218-748-7500 or Kris Johnson @ 218-749-3563